Has Eva Mendes been ‘in hiding’ because she & Ryan Gosling are expecting?


I’m sorry I didn’t get to this sooner but I didn’t believe the first reports and I thought it could wait until tomorrow. Not so much. First, let me say this: Eva Mendes has been relatively quiet this year. I mean, she’s done some stuff, months ago, but the tri-weekly pap shots have stopped and we haven’t seen Eva and Ryan Gosling together in a while. People Mag even idly wondered back in May if they had already broken up or were close to breaking up. Ryan promoted Lost River in Cannes without Eva, which was weird because she’s actually IN the movie. So, I was expecting more breakup rumors. Instead we get lots of pregnancy rumors

Women of the world who dream of having Ryan Gosling’s baby: Eva Mendes has beat you to the punch! Star can reveal that the Hitch actress confirmed the newsto friends that she’s seven months pregnant with her boyfriend’s child.

Despite recent rumors of a breakup, things are going better than ever for the couple of three years. In fact, thanks to the baby news, the relationship has found a new sense of direction, with Eva finally secure in Ryan’s commitment — and even talking marriage!

Throughout her pregnancy, the 40-year-old has been in hiding at her home…but she’s not alone. “Ryan has been by Eva’s side night and day since she found out the happy news,” the insider says. “He’s so amazingly considerate and thoughtful, always taking care of Eva. It’s like he’s already a doting daddy! No one would be surprised if they got married before the baby is even born.”

I was going to make a big deal about how OK Magazine was the first to report this and how OK is never right… but then Us Weekly “confirmed” it. According to Us Weekly, “An insider confirmed the news after rumors surfaced earlier on Wednesday, July 9, that the Hitch actress is seven months pregnant.” Ah, so that is why Eva has gone so far underground lately, it’s because she’s hiding a bump. SEVEN MONTHS PREGNANT. Damn. Way to keep a secret, y’all.