Chris Brown and Drake Brawl Fallout: Nightclub Slams Tony Parker’s $20 Million Lawsuit

The drama continues in the case of Chris Brown and Drake‘s infamous bar brawl.

The nightclub where the fight took place is now slamming back after being slapped with a $20 million lawsuitfrom partygoer and NBA hoopster Tony Parker, claiming that the scuffle wasn’t their fault.

The 30-year-old Parker – aka Eva Longoria’s ex – reportedly wants the club to compensate the injuries he sustained during the altercation, which includes lacerations to his cornea allegedly caused by shards of broken glass. Parker is also suing because he feels the W.i.P. — knowing the feuding rappers — never should have let Brown and Drake into the New York City hangout.

How is the club reacting to Parker’s lawsuit?

A source close bar tells TMZ that the two hip-hop stars are not prone to violence and were therefore welcomed into the SoHo bar that night.

“Chris Brown and Drake are not Biggie and Tupac,” says the source.

Though Parker claims that the club was understaffed that night, the source denies the reports and says there were at least 15 security guards staffed during the brawl, with the owners at the door to oversee the guest list.

As the case continues to be investigated by New York Police Department, Parker says his injuries has left him out of commission for a week as he heals with “therapeutic” contact lens.  He’s scheduled to play with the French team at the Summer Olympics, but reports, “I’ll be missing the start … because I can’t do anything for a week except keep the lens in and then take drops.”

So far, no charges have been filed or arrests have been made in relation to the fight.

However, W.i.P. has since closed its doors and turned over all video footage to law enforcement officers.