Damien Lewis, Claire Danes kind of hate each other on the set of ‘Homeland’ now


Did you know there are some Homeland fans who believe that Damian Lewis (married!) and Claire Danes (married!) were having some kind of torrid affair as they worked on the show? If they weren’t both married to other people, I might think it was happening, just because they really do have so much chemistry together. Although, I have to give a lot of credit for that chemistry to Damian – he’s had chemistry with all of his leading ladies, from what I’ve seen. (Sigh… I was a shipper for Damian and Sarah Shahi when they did Life together!)

As for Damian and Claire’s on-and-off screen chemistry, Damian even joked about it at the Emmys last year, just after both he and Claire had won their respective lead actor trophies. Damian jokingly told reporters backstage that he and Claire were “going to go away to a romantic island together, just for the weekend. When that baby is a ginger, you guys are going to have a field day.” I really do take it as a joke – I mean, come on! Would Claire really get pregnant with Damian’s baby?! WOULD SHE?! But the Enquirer says that now that Claire has gotten that baby out of her, she and Damian no longer have their explosive (double-entendre!) chemistry. BEWARE – there might be some minor spoilers in this story:

Claire Danes and Damian Lewis play star-crossed lovers on “Homeland” but the real-life chemistry between them seems to have fizzled out completely. The tension between Claire and Damian is evident as the series shoots its third season on location in North Carolina.

“Claire and Damian really got along for most of the first two seasons, but lately they seem to get on each other’s nerves – and then some,” a source confided.

The new season opens during a global manhunt for Brody, who swears he had nothing to do with the terror attack. Lewis has already hinted that this will probably be the last season for his character. Behind the scenes, a lot has changed for Claire in recent months. She and Hugh Dancy welcomed their first child, son Cyrus, in December, and she’s not trying to juggle work with motherhood.

“As a first-time mom, she’s understandably stressed out,” noted a friend. “She basically just wants to get her scenes done and get back to little Cyrus. But Damian is very light-hearted, always joking around with the film crew and getting his picture taken with the locals when they’re on location. And that’s caused a lot of friction between him and Claire.”

Producers are hoping the bad blood doesn’t cause a distraction on the set, and they’re relieved the third season’s story lines will keep their characters far apart.

“It’s ironic- a lot of people fell in love with ‘Homeland’ because of the amazing chemistry Claire and Damian have on-camera. Maybe it’s good they aren’t working together much this season, because that chemistry is in short supply now.”

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

I think if you just look at this report at face value – that Claire is more interested in being a mom right now – it makes sense. It’s less about whatever chemistry she and Damian have and more about her trying to juggle motherhood and this physically and emotionally demanding Homeland role.

As for the SPOILERS… is Brody/Damian Lewis really leaving after this season? I think I’ve heard that rumor before, and while I think it might make sense within the story to kill off Brody at some point, it seems like the wrong thing to do for the longevity and structure of the show. Although I’m still waiting to see how they explain all of the shenanigans last season. I do believe the conspiracy theory that Abu Nazir always meant to be caught, that he entrusted his organization to Brody and that Brody was just play-acting his angst and crisis for Carrie so she would protect him. I will say this though – I’m pretty much “over” Brody’s whole family at this point. I don’t care that much about Dana anymore, and if WhatsHerFace wants to get with Brody’s BFF, so be it, just let them go away together with the kids. Just leave me Brody, Saul, Carrie and OMG, I really, really hope that Rupert Friend is coming back. I LOVE HIM.




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