Angelina Jolie talks warzone rape at the G8 conference, hobnobs with diplomats

Yay! I’m deliriously happy that we finally got some photos of Angelina Jolie in Londonyesterday, at the G8 Summit. Angelina went to the G8 probably at the invitation of her new BFF, UK Foreign Secretary William Hague. Angie and Secretary Hague recently traveled to the Democratic Republic of Congo together (and Rwanda too) to raise awareness of warzone rape. They also spent time together last year working on the same issues and initiatives – rape, sexual abuse, women’s rights, etc. I think it’s a very smart collaboration for both of them.

Before he traveled to South Korea for an emergency diplomatic mission, our new Secretary of State John Kerry was also at the G8 conference and here’s a weird/funny shot of Secretary Kerry and Angelina looking at a spider or something. I think she’s like,“Dude, you kill it.” And he’s all, “Girl, you’re the Tomb Raider, you kill it.”

To get serious, Angelina is doing such wonderful work and she’s such a wonderful, well-spoken and effective advocate for her causes. I know that sounds so fan-girl-y, but seriously. I just watched the video of her speech, and I think she’s a better and more effective speaker than most professional politicians. Plus, she looks great in pearls.

PS… In the video, who is the dude standing behind Angie’s left side in the blue tie? He’s checking her out.


Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.



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