Beyonce releases a preview of her new single “Bow Down”: awesome or awful?


Here is the new single cover (?) image for Beyonce’s new single, “Bow Down”. I actually think the cover image is adorable and tongue-in-cheek… sort of. Like, is Beyonce capable of doing “tongue-in-cheek”? Is she capable of anything other than an in-your-face narcissist? But… is it sexist to roll your eyes at Beyonce’s Queen Beysus routine? If Justin Timberlake put out a similar cover with a similar “Bow Down” like order to the peasants, would we hate him as much? I think I personally would hate him MORE than Beyonce. Because Beyonce IS legendary, more so than JT. She’s a legend in her own mind, of course. But she also delivers.


The first part is super-annoying and it reminds me of the worst parts of Nicki Minaj’s songs. Right? As for “Bow down, bitches!” Eh. Unless Benedict Cumberbatch says those words, I’m not into it. Like, I would hestitate to even write those words to all of you, my fellow bitches. Something about the word “bitches” with the command “bow down”. It’s making me feel… ugh. Gross. The twirly part after 1:20 is sketchy, right? Basically, this is not a good song at all. Blah. bey31


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