Justin Bieber’s 19th birthday party ends in tears, tantrums and a time-out


Somebody get a binkie for Justin Bieber. He threw himself a big birthday party inLondon, but he got overstimulated (it happens at kids’ birthday parties all the time) and now he needs to rest and pout and whine about it. He’s sort of like those crazy children on My Super Sweet Sixteen who inevitably throw a massive, tear-stained hissy fit when their daddy buys them the wrong color Maybach. So, Justin was in London and he threw himself a party at the Cirque du Soir, and his entourage got into some kind of beef with the on-site security so instead of using his words and dealing with the situation like an adult, Justin just left the club and whined about it on Twitter.

Looks like Justin Bieber’s happy birthday had a very unhappy ending. Shortly after heading out to celebrate turning 19 years old on Friday, March 1, the singer returned to Twitter with a short but telling summary of his night.

“Worst birthday,” he tweeted to his more than 35 million followers. The tone of the message was in stark contrast with his excitement from earlier in the day, when he wrote, “Gonna be fun tonight. Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes. 19!”

So what went wrong? A source at London’s Cirque du Soir, where the “Nothing Like Us” crooner was celebrating with friends including Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith and British singer Ella-Paige Roberts Clarke, tells Us Weekly that there was a confrontation between Bieber’s team and security at the venue. The source of the scuffle was Smith, who at 14 isn’t old enough for the club scene.

“There was never any mention of Jaden being there, so when he showed up, it caused problems,” the insider tells Us, noting that Bieber and his entourage were at the club for just 15 minutes or so before the incident. “They could have stayed if Jaden left, but Justin wanted to be loyal to his good friend.”

The pop star’s birthday wasn’t a complete bust, though. One night earlier, he and his pals partied past dawn at the members-only after-hours club BLC (British Luxury Club) in London. From there, they headed to Edgware Road for some snacks before finally calling it a night at 6 a.m.

Later, before going to Cirque du Soir, Bieber went on a shopping spree at Selfridges, where he picked up some Christian Louboutin sneakers, Hermes accessories, and a ton of Balmain and Givenchy swag.

[From Us Weekly]

I didn’t know Justin was BFFs with Jaden Smith. Why is a 14 year old (who is a celebrity in his own right) part of Justin’s entourage? Where was Will Smith? Where was Jada? Does Jaden just get to go wherever he wants?

If it matters, E! News’ sources say that the confrontation was about more than just Jaden. The security guards thought SEVERAL members of Justin’s crew looked “suspiciously young” and so they carded everybody, and several were refused entrance. The spokesman for the club spoke to E! News, basically saying that the security guys were just doing their jobs and trying to follow the letter of the law, which is perfectly understandable. Sources also say that when Bieber got inside, he“ordered bottles for all of his friends,” allegedly spending something like $12,000 on booze. He apparently stayed for a while although he “was not amused that some of his close friends were refused entrance.” Poor Biebs!






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