Rihanna & Katy Perry are feuding over who’s dating the worse dude, basically


Here are some photos of Katy Perry in a gawd awful green Yves Saint Laurent gown at the Carole King’s benefit for Paul Newman’s The Painted Turtle Camp. I am assuming that Katy chose a dress in this particular shade of green for the “turtle” motif, but that’s really no excuse for the dress itself. The top looks like an inverted lampshade, and the bottom part is so ill-fitting and sloppy looking. Ah well. It’s better than cotton-candy frou frou.

This story is slightly amusing yet ultimately kind of sad. Even though Katy Perry has reportedly told Rihanna she’s concerned about her on-again relationship with Chris Brown, Rihanna just doesn’t get it. According to a story in this week’s Star, Rihanna is quite irritated because Katy is with John Mayer, who Rihanna allegedly thinks is the worst dude of all time. Now the two (fair-weather?) friends are supposedly feuding as a result of their mutual distaste of each other’s mates:


BFFs Rihanna and Katy Perry are feuding over their men! Rihanna slammed Katy’s man, John Mayer, after Katy dissed Rihanna’s beau, Chris Brown. Read on for all the BFF drama!

We thought nothing could come between these BFFs! Inseparable pals Katy Perry and Rihanna are now feuding over their bad boy boyfriends, according to a new report.

Rihanna is tired of Katy criticizing her for dating Chris Brown, and this time Rihanna is fighting back! A source told Star magazine “She says Katy’s a hypocrite since she’s with John Mayer, who is one of the biggest sleazeballs on the planet!”

Katy and John are rumored to be moving into an L.A. home together, and Rihanna is not happy about it. She is firing back disses at John!

The source assures that RiRi and Katy do care about each other and are just being protective — “They’re really stubborn and both of them are in love with bad boys.”

We certainly hope these two can forgive and forget! Nothing should come between BFFs, even their men! We hope Rihanna and Katy can work this out!

[From Hollywood Life]

This is such a gross story, isn’t it? I mean, if Chris Brown and John Mayer were literally the last dudes on earth, I think I’d make peace with the idea of permanent celibacy in very short order. If forced to make a decision about which of them is less revolting, I guess John Mayer’s David Duke c*ck would win over a woman beater by a slim margin. Hmm, maybe the whole racism thing is why Rihanna doesn’t like John. I guess that makes sense, but I just wish RiRi would wake up and realize that she’s with an even worse man than John Mayer.



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