Kim Kardashian to learn about the Middle East in between milkshake appearances

I was pleasantly surprised when most of you gave Kim Kardashian the benefit of the doubt in yesterday’s post about her Israeli-Palestinian tweets. While Kim is definitely dumb and a famewhore, I really don’t think she was tweeting her “prayers” out of nastiness or anything. She’s ignorant, but she’s not malicious. Well, now Kim is trying to rectify the situation! She’s going to be in Kuwait and Bahrain soon (she’s promoting her milkshake line, for real), and “sources” tell TMZ that Kim wants to “educate herself” on the Middle East. In between appearances for Millions of Milkshakes!

Kim Kardashian is about to embark on a whirlwind trip to Kuwait and Bahrain … and TMZ has learned she’s hoping to educate herself on the Middle East crisis while she’s in town.

Sources close to Kim tell us … KK initially agreed to the trip to make appearances at some Millions of Milkshakes shops opening in the two countries.

But after her recent Twitter controversy — centered around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict — Kim is telling friends she’s determined to use the trip to educate herself about the political situation in the region.

As one source puts it, “Kim wants to be as informed as possible … so she can use her celebrity to help those in need and raise awareness about important issues in the area.”

We’re told Kim — who will be under the constant protection of a private securitysquad — has already set up meetings in both countries with local leaders.

Kim Kardashian — putting the ass in ambassador.

[From TMZ]

I don’t have any problem with Kim – or any dumb famewhore – humbly admitting that they don’t know anything about anything and that they are actively seeking to be educated on some complicated matter. I consider “incuriousness” one of the greatestsins of all, and simply seeking out education is something that should always be applauded. So, what’s the problem? This part: “Kim wants to be as informed as possible … so she can use her celebrity to help those in need and raise awareness about important issues in the area.” Girl, know your limits. You are not the Secretary of State: Famewhore Division. You are not even Angelina Jolie – someone who has been educating herself on complicated international issues for more than a decade, and who still makes mistakes and still feels the need to prove herself in that arena. Don’t fly into Bahrain for an appearance with some milkshakes and expect to come out of there like Colin Powell Kardashian.

These are pics of Kim (and a particularly Khloe-looking Kourtney) in Miami yesterday, where they received the “keys to the city” at North Miami City Hall. Ugh!

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.



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