Kristen Stewart on wanting babies: ‘I can’t wait to be a mom, but like, no. I can wait’


Twihards are a fickle bunch. That’s what I’m finding out more and more. There are the “Robsten 4 Eva” Twihards who are obsessed with all things “Rob & Kristen are together, and anyone who says anything different is the enemy.” Those people hate me. Then there are the pro-Kristen Twihards who want to make her into a delicate flower, a chastened victim, a child who is blameless, distraught, bullied and passive. Those people hate me too. Then there are the pro-Rob Twihards who think Kristen is a bitch-troll and Rob is a delicate, sensitive boy who is being manipulated and used by an evil studio and cheating, lying fake-girlfriend. Honestly, I had the support of those people for a little while, but if my Twitter is any indication, I lost that contingent yesterday when I wrote that “I now buy the idea that they’re trying to make it work.”Yeah… I still think that. I’m sorry pro-Rob people, but I’ve really begun to think that Rob has completely given up his Man Card and he’s actively participating in this relationship/fauxmance/whatever.

I also want to clarify one more thing for the Twihards who fault me for choosing “the worst photos of Kristen”. Dear Twihards: I’m really not putting that much thought into it. I’m sorry, but you have to deal with the fact that sometimes your girl looks like ten kinds of hell, and that at some events, there just aren’t any “good” photos of her. Sorry.

Now, with all of that in mind, I’d like to cover some recent quotes from Kristen which I found interesting. Kristen – for good and for bad – is a talker. She loves to run her mouth in an interview or press conference or junket, and I appreciate the fact that she’s always good for a soundbyte, although I do think she should learn to hush sometimes for her own good. We’ve been inundated with new quotes from Kristen, and I just thought you’d enjoy these stories. First one: Kristen and Rob talk babies!

Kristen Stewart is looking forward to motherhood . . . she just doesn’t want it right now! During a press junket in Los Angeles Thursday, Nov. 1 for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, Stewart gave an honest answer about her hopes to one day be a mom.

When a reporter asked the 22-year-old actress if she’s ready to have her own kids, Stewart replied, “Dude, no. I can’t wait to be a mom, but like, no. I can wait.”

While she may not be in a rush to jump into real-life parenthood with boyfriend Robert Pattinson, Stewart did enjoy playing parents to daughter Renesmee (Mackenzie Foy), Bella and Edward’s daughter in the film.

“I think that it might be something that you’re born with or not born with. Somepeople have really, really strong natural instincts and desires to be a mom. That was one of my favorite things about the story,” she explained. “It was one aspect of [Bella] that I was really excited to play.”

And Pattinson, 26, similarly had no problem taking on the role of a father.

“I actually quite like working with kids and I like working with animals, which everybody says you shouldn’t do,” he said. “Especially working with a baby is great. I would say, put a baby in every scene.”

Although neither one of them minded having a baby in the film, the couple found the baby-making scenes more than a little stressful!

Stewart told E! News that their vampire sex scene was “awful” to film because they had to “look directly into the camera instead of at each other.” And Pattinson told E! News that the horde of cast and crew members killed the mood. “Vampire sex is supposed to be the greatest sex in the world, and then everyone turns up on set and they’re like, ‘OK, well, uh, what’s your thing?’” he shared. “It’s, like, completely crazy!”

During his press conferences Thursday, Pattinson also joked that if he could prepare for the first Twilight film over again, he would “start drinking vodka instead of beer, and try to get a six-pack as early as possible because you’ll be a much more successful actor.”

[From Us Weekly]

As always, Rob comes across as the baby-and-animal loving gentle soul and Kristen is a harridan who refuses to give her boyfriend the babies he wants! I do like that Kristen shut down speculation about babies, though. It would have been really easy for her to play the “I don’t know, maybe babies!” card.

The other story I liked was Kristen’s recent confession that she had “kept” (re: taken from the set in a Lohan-esque crack thievery!) the all-important rings from the Twilight series. Kristen said, “I kept the rings. The rings are really important to me. [Bella’s] mother gives her a moon ring in the beginning. It fully and completely reminds me of [Twilight director] Catherine Hardwicke.” When asked about Bella’s engagement ring, Kristen said, “Yeah, I have that too. I held onto that one.” Kristen is a LOHAN! While I don’t doubt that the studio probably would have (or did) “gift” those rings to her, I have to think that those are two of the most valuable pieces of recent film history. Two years, five years from now, if Kristen auctioned those pieces off, they would be worth a fortune to some Twihard-y collector.


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