Will Kim Kardashian announce her engagement after her divorce comes through?

Here are some additional photos from the Angel Ball earlier this week – see, Kanye West does smile (occasionally!) when he’s with Kim Kardashian. PROOF. Do you want further proof that Kim and Kanye are FOR REAL? I can’t believe some of you can’t accept it. I believe Kanye and Kim are a more authentic (as in, “authentically together” or “a love match”) than Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. I know that’s a low bar to set, but I’m just sayin’. Kanye and Kim are really together. He doesn’t need to be with her – he wants to be with her.

Anyway, the proof! Well, as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, Kim has been wearing a huge diamond ring on her pinky finger ever since she and Kanye got back from Rome. He took her to Rome to celebrate her 32nd birthday (proof!), and maybe he proposed to her? Maybe. Probably? Could be.

ENGAGED! Kim Kardashian may not be legally divorced from Kim Humphries, but if her new 10 carat diamond ring is any indication, she’s ready to marry rapper boyfriend Kanye West! Kim was spotted shopping at Christian Louboutin on Oct. 24, wearing a HUGE diamond ring on her pinky finger — a gift allegedly given to her for her 32nd birthday on Oct. 21!

Kanye reportedly proposed to the reality star over the weekend, according to MediaTakeOut. Since Kim is not divorced from Kris yet, Kanye allegedly told Kim to wear the ring on her pinky finger until her divorce is finalized. Once her divorce IS finalized, Kanye will reportedly resize the ring to fit her correct finger.

An earlier report suggests that Kim and Kanye are planning a $20 million wedding that will include three dresses for Kim, a performance by Celine Dion or Beyonce, and a wedding planner that will cost $500,000!

[From Hollywood Life]

Yeah, I know that reports from Hollywood Life, Media Takeout and The Enquirer don’t amount to much, but even then… I wouldn’t be surprised if it was true. Speaking of, the Enquirer has a lengthy story about how Kim no longer wants to use a surrogate to have Kanye’s babies – she’s now prepared to let him get that ass pregnant. And apparently Kanye is into too, because he loves Kim’s thick figure, and he knows she’ll gain a lot of weight during a pregnancy, so he’s ALL ABOUT IT. The Enquirer is basically saying that Kim and Kanye are on the same page with an engagement, wedding, babies and everything, but they’re going to wait to announce everything until after Kim’s divorce is finally finalized. Proof!

By the way, this is my new favorite photo:


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