Rihanna shows off newly cropped ‘do in white Adam Selman: pretty or still trashy?

Rihanna was kind of a big deal at the MTV VMAs last night for a few reasons. The first one is her new cropped haircut, which is a refreshing change after those overdone hair extensions that she’s been sporting lately. She also went rather demure (for Rihanna) by wearing a white, custom-made Adam Selman dress that she accessorized with very bright red lipstick and nude Manolo Blahniks. It’s a very minimalistic look with a knotted detail around the waist and backless to perfection. This stands in sharp contrast to the last Adam Selman dress that she wore, which was also white and backless with a knotted detail but gave off a very different vibe and showed off a lot of skin. Here, Rihanna is mostly covered up even though she’s still (of course) nipping out.

Even though RiRi may have looked good, she was still up to her usual bad behavior. TMZ also has video from a live feed from before the show where RiRi approached Chris at his seat in the auditiorium and hugged and kissed him. Because you know, showing love for one’s abuser is always a wise thing to do — especially when there are young, impressionable fans watching from home.

Rihanna opened the ceremony with an extravagant live performance of a new remix for the her single, “C*ckiness,” which I’m sure isn’t a euphemism for anything, right? Unlike Katy Perry and her “Peac*ck.” Then she ran out into the audience (which I’m sure was pre-planned) to move into “We Found Love,” which I’ll always think of as the Magic Mike trailer song. It wasn’t so much a traditional performance as RiRi clubbing it, but she did end up winning “Video of the Year.”

Katy Perry (oddly enough) didn’t go for the cutesy, cotton-candy imagery on the red carpet, and she didn’t go faux goth either, which is a relief. She did, however, sit next to John Mayer for part of the ceremony because they’re still doing it, which is gross, but overall, she just sat next to Rihanna and giggled while they made some undoubtedly catty remarks about everyone else.

As for her dress, Katy went slightly glamorous (for her) in an Elie Saab 2004 (yes, that’s right) gown with a leather bodice and lots of sheer panelling. The teal and red floral details are rather striking against the black color of the dress, and Katy kept her hair and makeup relatively tasteful too. Some sites are making a huge deal out of her new extensions, but I’m pretty sure this is a wig. Katy is a mistress of wiggy looks, and surprisingly, she’s not annoying me here.


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