Katie Holmes gets revenge on Tom by looking good, enrolls Suri in new school


Now we continue the tale of Tom Cruise spoiling daughter Suri to death by taking her to Disney World instead of those boring old museums that Katie Holmes has been frequenting. The tale has grown into a much darker one than Tom merely strolling through the Magical Kingdom wearing his lifts, and if you so dare, you can see photos of a shirtless Tom (happy trail and all) high-fiving fellow swimmers while frolicking with Suri at the Blizzard Beach water park. So transparent, that Tom.

Meanwhile, it looks like Katie is ready to get down to business since Suri will be beginning the school year in just a few weeks. While it was reported that Katie had enrolled Suri in a very prestigious Catholic school in NYC, that’s apparently not the case. Instead, Suri will attend “The World School,” which boasts worldwide campuses and allows its students to continue their studies around the globe:

Katie Holmes has enrolled her daughter Suri at an exclusive “world” school with campuses dotted around the globe. The brand new $40,000 a year Avenues is to open 20 campuses on five continents, enabling students to switch between schools without disrupting their education.

Aimed at the children of the jetsetting elite “The World School” enables pupils to follow their parents around the globe without being tied to school vacation schedules. The six-year-old will be based at the school’s flagship New York campus, just a few blocks from the luxury apartment she shares with Katie.

A source told Life & Style magazine: “Katie has eagerly been telling Suri all about the lunchrooms, basketball courts and different activities Avenues offers. Suri’s really excited about it.” The imposing school building will have a rooftop playground, along with a main gym that includes full-size basketball and volleyball courts.

Suri had been expected to attend an exclusive Catholic school but her mother’s choice has certain advantages. The website boasts that it is a step better than “national” schools such as Britain’s Eton. With campuses planned for China, India, Africa, Europe, the Americas and Australia Suri will certainly be able to studyaround the globe.

Along with high academic standards the school claims it will also teach pupils life skills, an advantage to children as sheltered as Suri. “Avenues will embrace practical matters so often ignored by academic institutions,” it says. “Students will become comfortable with a variety of life skills, including practical matters such as time management and technological competency.”

[From Daily Mail

This seems like an odd choice for Katie since she’s seemingly intent on providing Suri with a Catholic upbringing. Perhaps Katie thinks that the next Holmes & Yang line will really take off, and she’ll have a big reason to travel. Who knows.

Meanwhile, the tabloids have cooled their heels on the TomKat divorce this week with the lone holdout being Star, which talks about how Katie is looking oh-so-sexy lately as revenge against Tom’s controlling ways. Yes, I can imagine how losing the midget would perk one up on all sorts of levels, and now that she’s enjoying her newfound freedom, Katie’s even been wearing leather pants, which lends credence to the March report that she was looking frumpy on purpose to spite Tom, or maybe she was just so depressed that she couldn’t muster up the strength to care about her appearance during her last months of marriage.


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