Kim Kardashian wants Kanye’s baby via surrogate so she doesn’t ruin her figure

I keep saying that I’m waiting for/expecting Kim Kardashian to get pregnant with Kanye West’s baby. It just feels… right, doesn’t it? Like it’s the next logical step in the famewhore game: get pregnant and reap the rewards, let the pregnancy publicity blitz wash over you like a steady stream of… nevermind. Well, I forgot one thing: Kim Kardashian might be too much of a narcissist to get pregnant. And before you hit “publish” on your “I can’t believe you’re calling surrogacy narcissistic, you f^&#@”hissy fits, let me explain: The Enquirer claims Kim doesn’t want to have Kanye’s baby because she doesn’t want to ruin her figure. I have no problem with surrogacy in general or specifically to help couples with fertility problems. But going the surrogacy route JUST because you don’t want to ruin your figure? I’m sorry. Narcissistic. Of course, I don’t want to have a baby because I think I’d be a terrible mother and I want to projectile vom when I think about childbirth. So maybe I should just keep my mouth shut?

KIM KARDASHIAN has come up with the perfect plan to have a baby with KANYE WEST and still keep her massive assets – hire a surrogate to carry the child for her!

According to a close source, Kim, who’s been dating 35-year-old rapper Kanye since early April, would like to have a young woman in her mid to late 20s “with a calm, soothing demeanor, a lot of patience and a posi­tive outlook” to serve as a surrogate.

The curvy 31-year-old reality star would also prefer a woman who has siblings and is married with a happy home life, added the source.

In exchange for having for having the power couple’s baby, the surrogate could stand to collect a whopping $200,000 to cover medical bills, ex­penses and the surrogacy fee.

“As far as Kim’s concerned, this is the answer to her dreams,” divulged the source. “She desperately wants a baby with Kanye, but she doesn’t want to gain weight like her oldest sister Kourtney did!

“Kim actually said, ‘I won’t ruin my body by getting pregnant.’’’

“Kim doesn’t want to go through the pain and heartbreak that Khloe has endured,” said the source, referring to the two frustrating years that Kim’s younger sister has suffered in her still-fruitless attempt to have a baby with Lamar Odom. “WhileKourtney has had no problems getting pregnant, Kim’s seen how miserable Khloe has been trying to conceive – and that’s the last thing she wants to go through.”

But the main reason Kim is opting for surrogacy is because she’s concerned about her weight.

“Kim loves food and packs on pounds easily,” explained the source. “She’s been on an organic diet and has been working closely with a trainer to trim down – and it shows…. Kim knows that if she gets pregnant, all that hard work goes down the drain and her famous butt with expand. She’d also have to take a break from modeling and advertising, which is where she makes most of her money.”

As for Kanye, he seems to be happy to let Kim handle the decision.

“He thinks she would look absolutely beautiful pregnant,” the source said. “But if Kim wants someone else to carry the baby – that’s cool with him too.”

[From The National Enquirer, print and online editions]

I can understand how Kim looks at what Khloe’s going through and thinks “Dear God, I wouldn’t be able to handle that.” But Kim doesn’t even know if she can conceive! It’s not like she’s trying – that we know of. She could be as fertile as Kourtney. And yes, I know this is the Enquirer, etc, etc, and maybe it’s not true. But doesn’t it sound so… Kardashian? It sounds Kardashian to me. I kind of think Kim doesn’t want to admit that she’s kind of ambivalent about pregnancy and babies too.


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