Adam Levine hates Chris Brown & ‘he has no problem telling people that’

On any given day, Adam Levine’s face screams “DOUCHE!” to me. In the past few years, I’ve been happy to see that my gut-reaction (“Ew.”) has a basis in reality: Adam Levine says douchey things, ergo, the man is a d-bag. But I’m going to give Adam a brief reprieve. According to Star Magazine, Adam is one of the few music industry professionals unwilling to let “bygones be bygones” when it comes to the Chris Brown situation. Star claims that Adam has such a hate-on for all things Chris Brown, Adam even mistreats Voice contestants who sing Chris’s songs.

Adam Levine recently faced up to rumors that he’s a womanizer by saying: “Maybe the reason I was promiscuous and wanted to sleep with a lot of them is that I love them so much.” He adores women so much, in fact, that he can’t stand a certain R&R crooner who doesn’t treat them right.

“Adam hates Chris Brown,” a source tells Star. “And he has no problem telling people that.” His anti-Chris feelings are so strong that they’re affecting his work as a judge on The Voice, which recently began filming its third season. During blindauditions, one contestant sang one of Chris’s songs and did an amazing job, but Adam was so blinded by his hatred for Chris that he took it out on the performer for his choice of tune.

“Adam flat-out told the guy he would have chosen him if he hadn’t sung a Chris Brown song,” the insider says. “He said some people might be over what Chris did, but he isn’t and never will be.”

Adam’s integrity is admirable – but the source thought he took things too far.

“Adam didn’t need to let his personal opinions of Chris affect his judgment,” the source explained. “It was actually really inappropriate and immature for him to refuse to choose the singer based on the original artist.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Eh. “It was actually really inappropriate and immature for him to refuse to choose the singer based on the original artist.” Not really? I would be turned off if I heard someonecovering a Chris Brown song too. I simply associate Chris’s music with being a violent woman-beater and an immature, tantrumy, homophobic, misogynistic sh-t. So… Team Levine on this one. Even though I suspect Adam’s anti-Chris Brown stance is partly“I’m such a sensitive lover of women” posturing, I wish more music professionals would openly despise Brown and hold Chris accountable for his terrible actions.


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