Neil Patrick Harris & his partner might call off the wedding over more babies

Neil Patrick Harris

About a year and a half ago, Neil Patrick Harris and his partner, David Burtka, welcomedbaby twins (a boy and a girl) via surrogate, and David is also the father to another set of boy-girl twins (now aged 12 years) with a film-producer ex. So it’s safe to say that David really loves babies, right? Well David loves babies a lot, so much so that he’s trying to get Neil to go in for another one to give their twins a sibling. In response, Neil’s all, “Whoa, slow down!” — and friends say that the disagreement is so severe that Neil and Patrick might end up calling off their wedding:

Neil Patrick Harris

The baby blues have hit Neil Patrick Harris and his gay partner David Burtka — and they’re dragging their feet on wedding plans, sources say.

The “How I Met Your Mother” star, 39, isn’t ready to give the couple’s young twins a sibling, but David is, and friends fear it could end their relationship.

“Neil loves being a dad to baby Gideon and his sister Harper, but he doesn’t want to re-create ‘The Brady Bunch,’” a friend told The Enquirer.

“He’s so busy with his acting career and other work that it would be circuit overload for him to add another child to the mix — and this has upset David.”

Neil, who came out of the closet in 2006, has been with 37-year-old David, an actor and celebrity chef, for eight years. They became dads when a surrogate delivered the twins in October 2010, and last year the pair announced plans to marry. But they haven’t moved forward with their wedding, and sources say the main sticking point is the size of their family.

“David believes that with all the good fortune they’ve had, they should share it with a large family,” said another source.

“But Neil was nervous as could be becoming a dad to twins. He can’t imagine going through that again.”

In a recent interview, the former “Doogie Howser, M.D.” star admitted he “didn’t love” his first months as a dad. “I struggled with it a lot,” Neil said, adding he’d often “pass off” the twins to David and tackle other household chores instead.

“They have a pretty good system now with the twins, but Neil can’t imagine adding another baby to the equation,” said the friend. “David, on the other hand, doesn’t see why they wouldn’t want to. If they can’t resolve this, it could be the end of them as a couple.

[From Enquirer, print edition, July 15, 2012]

If this is true, I find it bizarre that David, who is already the father of four kids, wants another one so soon. Surely he can be satisfied with the kids that he has already instead of straining his relationship and then ending up with another broken home. Here’s a few photos of Harper and Gideon with their nanny before a flight out of LAX back in February of last year. These kiddos are toddlers now, so they’ve got to be a handful. Why not wait at least another year or two before adding to the crew?

Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris


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