Kris Humphries’ ex, the one he tried to call a prostitute, is pregnant with his baby

We haven’t covered the ongoing news about Kris Humphries, because we got the impression that you didn’t care too much. From a gossip standpoint, there’s been some excellent dirt in this mess. But it’s Kris Humphries, it’s like gossiping about one of your distant cousins you barely think about, the one that’s slow and gets into trouble a lot. You gossip about him when you remember to, but nothing really surprises you when it comes to that guy.

As you know, Kris Humphries is in the drawn-out process of divorcing Kim Kardashian, which is sure to last exponentially longer than their marriage. His strategy has been to seem heartbroken, so that he can act like he truly loved Kim and she ditched him. As part of that, he can’t be publicly seen dating anyone prior to their divorce being finalized, only Kris made the mistake of dating a real famewhore who tried to call him on it publicly when he dumped her. There was a whole back-and-forth in the media with Kris and this woman he dated, Myla Sinanaj. Kris’ lawyer fired back at her claims thatshe was dating him, which she has evidence of including photos with Kris at the beachand courtside at one of his games. Kris claimed that Myla was trying to extort him, he allegedly got the FBI involved for some stupid reason, and it just got ridiculous. The last time we reported on this, Myla claimed that Kris’ lawyer had tried to intimidate her and get her fired by calling her job and claiming that she was a prostitute. No joke.

So guess what’s up now? The girl Kris called a prostitute because she had the audacity to tell the press she was dating him – is pregnant.

Kris Humphries may not be the sharpest tool, but he sure is potent, because TMZ has learned his ex-girlfriend, Myla Sinanaj is PREGNANT.

Sources directly connected with Myla tell us Myla confirmed Monday that she’s 3 months pregnant and says Kris is definitely the father.

This could be used in Kris’ divorce with Kim Kardashian, because Kris has claimed he was devastated by the break-up and suffered emotionally. This development further cements the fact that Kris moved on quickly.

We’re told Myla plans to have the baby but wants to raise it alone, because she believes Kris has betrayed her by talking crap about their relationship.

But here’s the rub … We’re told for the past 3 weeks, Kris and Myla have been communicating regularly.

Oh yeah, here’s the other rub — she hasn’t told Kris yet.

[From TMZ]

This story is so complicated it makes my head hurt a little, but I have to say it’s possible that this woman is just playing the pregnancy card to mess with Kris, or that she’s pregnant with another guy’s baby. It’s also possible she’s really pregnant with Kris’ baby, and Mr. Basketball is going to have to pay some hefty child support for the next 18 years. He should have wrapped it up.

As for what’s happening with Kris and Kim’s divorce, it depends on which side you believe. Kris’ deposition was last week. Radar is team Kris and claim that he’s making a solid case that their marriage was fraudulent on Kim’s part. TMZ is team Kim and they claim that Kris offered no evidence of fraud and is trying to play off his relationship with Myla as if she’s just a friend. A friend who’s pregnant with his baby I guess. You know she’s going to get herself papped once she starts showing too.


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