Kim Kardashian refers to herself as Blue Ivy Carter’s “auntie” & Beyonce is pissed

Earlier this week, everyone was talking about the situation at the BET Awards, with Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Jay-Z and Beyonce all in attendance, with Kim and Bey sitting as far apart as they could, and with some sources pointing out that it seemed like Beyonce was “throwing shade” at Kim. We didn’t have access to the photos and I really didn’t think it was some huge deal, but if you go here, Hollywood Life discusses some of what went down. According to sources, Beyonce barely even glanced at Kim during the show and Jay-Z was even icing Kim a bit. But… Kim and Beyonce did pose for some photos backstage. My take: Beyonce doesn’t “hate” Kim and Beyonce may even enjoy Kim’s company a little bit, but Beyonce does think she’s “above” Kim. Which she is. And Kim is desperate for the association and desperate to be liked by her boyfriend’s friends. Which brings me to this interesting story from The Enquirer:

Kim Kardashian is desperate to become BFFs with Beyonce – and she’s spoiling the singer’s baby to get super-close, say sources.

Kim splurged on a $5000 diamond-studded baby bracelet for Beyonce and Jay-Z’s 6-month-old daughter Blue Ivy. But Kim presumptuously personalized the trinket with the engraving “Love Auntie Kim.”

And now Beyonce is suspicious that Kim is trying to buy her friendship, confide insiders.

“They have been friends for five minutes, but already Kim is trying to force herself into Beyonce’s life,” says a source. After Kim bought Blue Ivy the pink-and-white-diamond-studded bracelet, Beyonce was moved by the lavish gesture, but then she became suspicious of the grandiose “Auntie Kim” engraving.

“She thought it was over the top, considering she’s known Kim personally for such a short time. Despite Kim’s sex tape and bad marriages, Beyonce had been warming to her based on her charming demeanor and romance with Kanye, who’s a good friend. But she certainly doesn’t consider Kim family in any way, shape or form. And for Kim to suggest that closeness in a present for Blue Ivy really put Beyonce off.”

Beyonce and Kim have been spending time together during the “Watch the Throne” tour, but Beyonce is beginning to feel uncomfortable, according to the source.

“She believes Kim is trying to buy her friendship through her daughter, and she’s cooling to their friendship. Right now, Beyonce is on her guard. She’s keeping her distance until she feels more trusting of Kim.”

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

Considering Blue Ivy had about $100,000 worth of diamonds and sapphires when she was just a newborn, I don’t think Beyonce minds that famewhores are giving her baby some jewels. No, I think Beyonce minds the “Auntie Kim” engraving which, yes, is completely inappropriate and presumptuous. That would have set off my radar too. Of course, I’m pretty ice-cold about those things. Sometimes when I’m writing a note to my mom, I won’t even put “Love, ~~” on there. Because I’m COLD AS ICE. You just don’t claim to be an “Auntie” to your boyfriend’s best friend’s baby. Especially when you’re just a dumb famewhore.


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