Jessica Simpson tweets photo of brunette Maxwell’s first 4th of July: adorable?

Jessica Simpson just tweeted this photo of herself, Eric Johnson and baby Maxwell on the 4th of July. The photo looks so perfect, my first thought was “Wow, is that the ‘fireworks’ backdrop at a professional photo studio?” But I think it’s for real. Somebody just managed to take a beautiful photo of the Simpson-Johnson family. My thoughts, in no particular order:

*I like that Eric is holding the baby! I hope he turns out to be a great, low-key dad. My body language analysis of this photo – and previous photos of the couple – is that he actually does adore Jessica and he’s happy with his new family.

*Jessica is so pretty without makeup. She doesn’t need to wear a stitch of it and she’s still radiant.

*Little Maxwell is a big baby! I love that Maxi is really looking more and more gingery and brunette as opposed to blonde. I have no doubt that when the baby gets a little bigger, her mom will be putting Sun-In in her hair, trying to make it blonder.

*Little Maxwell looks like her dad, right? Like, I can barely see any of Jessica in there. It’s all Eric at this point.

Us Weekly has some nice quotes from “sources” close to the family – probably Papa Joe, but whatever. The quotes are nice. A source says, “Eric loves holding Maxwell — that is, when he can manage to get her away from Jessica… Everyone is marveling at what a natural Jessica is. She was born to be a mom.”

Last thing – there were rumors earlier this week that Jessica was going to launch a “bridal collection” to her very successful fashion line, but E! News says that rumor is false. I do think she’s going to go ahead with a full-blown maternity line, though.


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