Star: Mark Wahlberg is super-cheap, he complains when his wife spends $500

When he’s not too busy disrespecting the victims of 9/11 and/or singlehandedly saving the world from all of the terrorists ever, Mark Wahlberg is just a quiet family man. For real! At least the “family man” part. Mark has been with Rhea Durham for 11 years now, and they have four children together. I was just wondering the other day if Rhea was about to get knocked up again – she’s due for another pregnancy, isn’t she? Like Matt Damon’s wife Lucy. I can’t believe she’s not knocked up again too. Where was I going? Ah, yes. Rhea has given birth to four of Mark’s children and Rhea finally got Mark down the aisle back in 2009. They seem to have one of the most solid marriages in Hollywood (as if that’s saying much, but still). You never hear much about them, scandalous or otherwise. Until now! Star claims that Rhea and Mark do fight about one thing: money. Mark is such a cheapskate that he picks a fight with Rhea when she spends a few hundred dollars. Ugh.

Mark Wahlberg and Rhea Durham seem like the perfect couple – but behind-the-scenes, they’re just like any other married couple, fighting over money!

“Mark doesn’t like it when Rhea gets spendy,” an insider tells Star. Rhea, 34, who has been with Mark, 41, for 11 years and has four children with him, isn’t even a big spender.

“She’ll drop, like, $500 and it’ll be a big fight.”

With his net worth at $150 million, that way off the Mark!

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

$500 isn’t nothing, although I’m speaking from my cheapskate tunnel vision. If I had $150 million, I would let some $500 shopping sprees slide, you know? I get that it’s HIS money, etc. But they’ve been together 11 years, they have four kids, and Rhea helped build Mark’s empire in her own way. It’s time to give Rhea her own Platinum AmEx. Unless Mark has that money earmarked for “single-handedly fighting the terrorists.”

Photos courtesy of WENN.


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