Willow Smith, 11, got her tongue pierced (update: it’s fake)

I often think about how lucky I am that my only kid is a boy. I see little 12 year-old girls in booty shorts and makeup, and I feel a sense of gratitude that I’m not the one trying to hold that child down, wipe off the makeup and put her in some long pants. Maybe I would not have the authority as a mom to get my daughter to actually listen to me, and that scares me as much as the prospect of having a child who would try to leave the house like that.

So I have some sympathy for mothers of daughters, since I know I was a pain in the ass and I have no idea what that was like to deal with. For instance, I pierced my own nose when I was 18. My parents just kind of shrugged and figured I was old enough. What would I do if my 11 year old pierced her nose, her bellybutton or her tongue, like Willow Smith appears to have done? As a mom, I get the same urge to take this out of that girl’s mouth and tell she’s grounded if she even thinks about wearing metal in her mouth that isn’t from the orthodontist. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe kids need to do dumb stuff like this in order to learn. Maybe you need to pick your battles with kids. To me, this seems like one worth fighting.

My questions are: Did Willow really pierce her tongue or is she just clutching a necklace in her mouth or something? And, do her parents know about it and did they approve it before she did it? Willow dresses creatively, and we know she has the ok from her parents for that. We also know they regularly treat her like an adult. The Smiths claim they’re not Scientologists, but they sure act like they are. (And Scientologists believe kids are just little grown ups and should make their own decisions.) So do they think it’s fine that Willow pierced her tongue? If she really did this, she would presumably have to get their permission since she’s under 18. She’s a little pop star, I guess she gets free reign to do what she wants. She seems to want more of a childhood though, judging by some of the things she said lately about fame. I can see letting your kid shave their hair or dye it a bright color, but a piercing goes too far for me.

Update: as many of you have pointed out, there are fake magnetic tongue ringsavailable. Hopefully this is what Willow is wearing and this isn’t permanent.

Another update: I just spent way too long digging through Willow and her buddy here,Bobbie DeBarge’s twitter and instagram accounts. I guess Willow originally posted this on her instagram. I found more photos on Bobbie’s instagram of them showing off their “piercings,” and some of them included the hash tags #fake #justhavingfun. So these are just two kids goofing off with magnetic piercings. Here’s another pic:


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