Russell Brand asked Katy Perry to remove him from her movie, she said no way

Katy Perry

Katy Perry has been in London over the past few days, and I sense that this studded,leather jacket is very important to Katy’s new purported image. As in, we’ll be seeing the jacket a lot as part of Katy’s recent effort to goth out like a slutty Morticia Addamsto promote the alleged darker music that will spill forth from her next album. So Katy is still faux-gothing it up with various “serious” outfits in London while she appears “somber” by not making eye contact with the camera. Oh look who’s standing behind her in some of these photos — Robert Ackroyd of Florence + the Machine. I guess theydidn’t break up after all, or maybe they just hook up when they’re in the came city. Who knows. I do like this cream-colored dress.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

Meanwhile, a few stories continue to circulate in regards to Katy and her estranged husband, Russell Brand. If you compare their respective recent visits to “The Ellen Degeneres Show,” the difference in attitudes is quite apparent. Russell claimed to haveonly love and positivity for Katy, and she proceeded to tell Ellen that her upcoming concert movie will talk about Russell — perhaps in slightly unflattering terms. Supposedly, Russell isn’t happy about this and asked Katy to pull his footage, and she refused:

Even though Russell Brand has gone out of his way to say nice things about Katy Perry since their split, there’s buzz the Brit actor and comedian is more than a little nervous about Perry’s upcoming documentary, Part of Me.

Brand apparently asked that any footage shot while they were married be deleted, but that request was turned down. He’s supposedly worried that some of his more caustic rants may come off as making him look bad – if they indeed are used in the film.

[From Chicago Sun-Times]

So we all know that Katy’s movie will portray the demise of her marriage as sympathetic to herself. No big news there, and I doubt that any of Russell’s “caustic rants” will make it into the family-friendly flick, but I can see why he’d ask her to remove his image and likeness from the movie. And since Katy isn’t budging, I find it interesting that she’s quite irritated that Rusty dared to mention their courtshiponstage at the MTV Movie Awards:

With his famously loud mouth, Russell Brand has never been known for taking the high road. But when the comedian made a clear jab at his ex-wife, Katy Perry, as he hosted the MTV Movie Awards on June 3, he seemed to hit a new low. “The last time I did an MTV awards show, I did end up marrying someone that was there,” said Russell, 37, who met Katy at the 2009 VMAs before splitting up more than two years later. “Tonight I am going to keep my eyes peelied for my next wife!”

While the thousands of audience members — not to mention the millions of TV viewers — were shocked by hs comments, none were more disgusted than Katy herself. “This made her realize just how insecure he really is,” a friend tells In Touch. “She absolutely cannot stand him!”

But Katy, 27, isn’t dwelling on her anger. “She’s so over him and ready for the nextthing,” says the friend. Perhaps a man without a microphone should be first on her list!

[From In Touch, print edition, June 18, 2012]

Just to point out a trivial inaccuracy, Russell actually met Katy on the set of Get Him to the Greek. They filmed a kissing scene together, which was their first kiss as well. Okay, they rehearsed it together in private right before cameras rolled, and the way he described it in Booky Wook 2 was very sweet. Too bad things went down hill so quickly, right?

I don’t blame Russell for making a joke about looking for his “next wife” onstage at the MTV Movie Awards. Everyone was pretty much expecting him to make some sort ofjoke about it, and he kept it relatively tasteful. Mostly, it seemed like he was picking on himself (not her), and then he hit on Fassy. Win win.

Katy Perry

Russell Brand

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

Photos courtesy of WENN


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