Halle Berry even more determined to move to France following paparazzi incident

These are some new photos of Halle Berry at Revoln’s Run-Walk yesterday in LA. I’m really not crazy about her hair – does anyone think she looks a bit Janet Jackson-ish? And by that I mean tweaked. Anyway, last week, CB discussed an unfortunate incidentin which Halle Berry went OFF on some paparazzi who were set up outside of Nahla Aubry’s school. As CB said, while Halle seems like a piece of work, the paparazzi’s actions were ridiculous and likely illegal too. It doesn’t matter if Halle calls the paps to photograph “happy family candid portraits” with Nahla and Olivier Martinez – the paps still shouldn’t be at Nahla’s school. Halle had every right to be angry and to yell about it, and she probably should have pressed charges too. Unfortunately for Nahla’s father, Halle is also going to use the incident to push harder to move to France with Nahla and Olivier. Oh, Halle. Stop.

Halle Berry is “more committed than ever” to moving her four-year-old daughter to France, following a nasty altercation with an over zealous and aggressive paparazzo, RadarOnline.com is exclusively reporting.

The pressure that has been building over recent months reached boiling point for the 45-year-old actress this week when she arrived to pick up Nahla from school and ended up in a heated verbal battle with an angry photographer.

The Catwoman star was swarmed by photographers and asked them get off the school property or she would call the police, reveals an eyewitness, prompting one snapper to snarl, “f**k off… you make millions and I have a right to make moneytoo.”

Halle became inflamed by the confrontation and began arguing with the photographer telling him, “Why don’t you go do an honest job and stop harassing me and my daughter?”

A school official and another parent got drawn into the drama, and the police soon arrived to inform all of the paparazzi to leave the grounds and helped the Oscar winner safely escort Nahla to her car.

“The school has only ever seen this type of chaos since Halle arrived with Nahla,” revealed a fellow parent, adding that even though there are other celebrity children who attend the school, they’ve only witnessed this type of aggression from the paparazzi towards Halle.

One of the mothers revealed that after the photographers were forced to leave by police, Halle broke down in tears and sobbed that this is no way for Nahla to live, saying she does everything in her power to protect the little girl.

In the past, friends have stated that Nahla is terrified when she sees the paparazzi anywhere and Halle has asked them to stop taking her picture and leave her alone.

“They scream out her name constantly and say awful things about Halle in front of her,” said a pal.

Halle is now “more committed than ever” to get Nahla away from Los Angeles the pal says, and as RadarOnline.com previously reported, this is the primary reason Halle has given for wanting to move to France with fiancé Olivier Martinez, because the paparazzi laws there offer more protection.

[From Radar]

Regarding the “Nahla is terrified of the paparazzi” issue… am I alone in thinking it’s way more complicated than that? I see paparazzi photos of Nahla with Gabriel and with Halle. Judging solely from those photos, Nahla simply seems more relaxed and less anxious when she’s with her father. When I see Nahla and her dad, it feels like Nahla is feeding off Gabriel’s calm, loving energy, and she seems like a normal kid.

But when Nahla is photographed with Halle, there’s a wider variation in moods, and I’m assuming that part of Radar’s sources’ arguments is true – the paparazzi are more aggressive with Halle, they’ll get closer to her, they’ll say things to her, and Nahla reacts to that. I also think Nahla is reacting to her mother’s mood swings too, because kids are smart and if a parent freaks out, the child will freak out too. There are also (mostly telephoto lens) shots where Nahla and Halle and Olivier are all looking happy and everything is beachy-fun-family, and Halle – I believe – sets up some of thosephoto shoots to “prove” that Nahla has a new daddy – Olivier.

So… while I think Halle has a valid argument against the paparazzi, she also feeds the chaos and she feeds Nahla’s bad reactions to the chaos too. Mostly I just think Halle kind of sucks for using this unfortunate incident as an argument FOR moving her daughter far away from her father.

Photos courtesy of WENN.


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