Kim Kardashian is coming to the White House Correspondents Dinner too

These are some new photos of Kim Kardashian yesterday in NYC. They’re making the rounds because… er… yeah. I guess because of Kim’s pants? You know what? Go ahead and hate on me, but I actually like her pants. I like the whole outfit, honestly. I wish Kim would dress like this more often. She goes to the “ruffled mini-skirt” well too often, and she usually dresses like she honestly believes she’s a size 4. So, while I like these pants from the front and from the side, there is a not-so-little matter of the pants fromthe back:

Yeah. Not good. I’m not a big-booty hater (I have a big booty too). But this is just… unflattering. Whenever I ask “How did Kim get such a tiny waist and such an enormous ass?” everyone always says “Ass implants and lipo.” So… there you go.

In other Kardashian news, did you hear that Kim was also invited to this weekend’s White House Correspondents Dinner? Lindsay Lohan has already been confirmed as a guest of Fox News, and it looks like Fox News is really trying to outdo themselves this year, because they invited Kim too. Is this some kind of political message Fox is trying to send? Because I tend to think that Fox has just given Pres. Obama’s speechwriters a huge gift – the gift of Cracken and Kardashian jokes. Kim also came to the event in 2010… and quite honestly, Lindsay Lohan’s invitation still bugs me much more than Kim’s. Other celebrities who will be in attendance: George Clooney (and Stacy Keibler), Charlize Theron, Viola Davis and Josh Hutcherson.

Last Kardashian story – The Dirty & Media Takeout got their hands on a photo they claim is Kim WAY back in the day. If you go here and follow the NSFW links, you can see the nudie pic. Kim denies that it’s her, but I think it really looks like her. The interesting part? If the photo IS Kim, it proves that she had a boob job.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.


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