Angelina Jolie refuses Brad’s suggestion of a ‘double wedding’ with his parents

The tabloids are full of speculation about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s engagement this week. OK! Magazine had a story about Brad and Angelina fighting over every single detail of their wedding plans, and that’s why they took the trip to the GalapagosIslands. The Enquirer says Brad and Angelina will have a quiet beach wedding in the Bahamas, which… I mean… a beach wedding? Doesn’t Angelina know that Jennifer Aniston theoretically owns the “beach wedding” concept? Star Magazine also has a story about Brad “gushing” about his engagement to George Clooney, and Clooney deciding to “propose” to Stacy Keibler just because he saw how happy Brad was. LOL. But my favorite, by far, was In Touch Weekly’s piece about Angelina turning into a “my way or the highway” style bridezilla. ITW makes a really big deal about Angelina flat-out REFUSING to have a double wedding with Brad’s parents for their 50th wedding anniversary:

It seemed like such a meaningful idea – tying the knot alongside his parents as they celebrate a milestone of their own. But when Brad Pitt suggested to his fiancée Angelina Jolie that they have a double wedding with Bill and Jane Pitt, who plan to renew their vows on their 50th anniversary in August, Angelina hated the idea – and she didn’t hesitate to let him know.

“She was not okay with the double ceremony at all,” reveals a family friend. “She believes that their wedding day should belong to her and her alone.”

Angelina has been insisting that she doesn’t care about her wedding day, and that the only reason she’s getting married at all is to please Brad and their six children. But while Brad has made numerous suggestions, and the kids love the idea of a big family wedding, Angelina is letting them all know that it’s her way or the highway.

Mocking Brad’s pleas for a traditional wedding and informing him that, 50th wedding anniversary of not, Bill and Jane will not join them at the altar, Angelina is insisting on a very small ceremony, of which she is clearly the star.

“She doesn’t seem to know the meaning of the word ‘compromise’,” marvels another friend, while an insider adds that it took brad “weeks” just to get her to wear the ring that he’s spent a year designing with Robert Procop.

And though Brad longs to emulate his parents’ happy marriage, he and Angelina are off to a very bad start.

“They’re fighting all the time,” the friend says. “They may not ever make it to the altar.”

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition]

First of all, I didn’t know that anyone still did “double weddings”. I thought those only happened in Jane Austen novels. Second of all, it’s Angelina’s wedding and she’ll bridezilla if she wants to. Third, who says that Bill and Jane Pitt even WANT Brad and Angelina to steal their 50th-wedding-anniversary thunder? Bill and Jane Pitt probably want their anniversary celebration to be all about them, and Angelina wants to have her wedding be all about her. Let everybody have their own thunder, Brad!

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.


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