Did Rihanna tweet photos of herself rolling a blunt at Coachella?

This “controversy” is several days old, so I’m sorry if you’re all “Old news.” People are still talking about it. When Rihanna was at Coachella over the weekend, she began tweeting lots of photos of herself and her friends. If you’ve never checked outRihanna’s Twitter page, I suggest you give it a whirl at least once. Rihanna has a sense of humor, she has lots of girlfriends, she loves clothes and boys and she really loves drugs and liquor. I know all of this because she tweets about all the time, and because she takes Twit-pics constantly. She’s not like LeAnn Rimes, who uses Twitter to buffer herself in the cacophony of her own delusions. Rihanna is actually one of the biggest pop stars in the world, she has a BIG life and her tweets from day-to-day range from charming and cute to disturbing and offensive. Basically, Rihanna’s Twitter is always the place to stop when you need to know what’s going down with RiRi.

Anyway, while Rihanna was at Coachella, she tweeted this photo:

I looked through her Twitter feed for the past week, and I swear I think she’s pulled this photo. As soon as she posted, everyone was like, “OMG, COCAINE.” Which… sure, that’s what it looks like. Would you be surprised if Rihanna did coke? Rihanna responded by tweeting, “I’m crazy, and I don’t pretend to be anything else.” She also had some harsh words for MTV UK (which I won’t repeat) for their reporting on the “story” and she issued another tweet saying “Yikes… I’ve run out of f–ks to give.” Other media outlets claim that the white powder could be… marijuana? Um… what? True, it looks like rolling paper in Rihanna’s hand, but I’ve personally never seen marijuana look like white powder. But I haven’t used drugs in years… maybe drugs have changed since my day. Anyway… Rihanna doesn’t want to be a role model. She’s made that abundantly clear.

Photos courtesy of Rihanna’s Twitter.


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