Scarlett Johansson in black Versace at ‘The Avengers’ premiere: pretty or boring?

Last night was the LA premiere of The Avengers, and before I write up all of the hot dudes that were there (Skarsgard, Downey, Hiddleston, Renner, et al), let’s just have a moment where we talk about “the girl” in the movie, Scarlett Johansson. Scar is playing Black Widow, obviously, and after releasing several trailers in which Black Widow was not allowed to speak, a Black Widow-centric clip of the film was finally released. And it was very jiggly. Now, Black Widow may or may not kick major ass in the film. But I kind of think Scarlett was just hired because without her, the whole thing would have just been a balls-out sausage party.

So, did Scarlett dress the part of “the T&A” for the premiere? Scarlett wore thisVersace gown, and I swear she’s worn a similar dress in white at some point. I remember this silhouette on her. I’m not crazy about the dress, honestly. It’s not actively bad, but it doesn’t do much for Scarlett’s figure – beyond making her look really slender. I feel like she’s lost so much weight over the past year. I do love that she’s back to this dirty-blonde, though. It suits her more than any other hair color. And her makeup looks good here too.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.


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