Upcoming Movies in 2012


A lot is made out about the ‘cinema experience’, about how watching it on the big screen if far superior to watching it at home. Hell, Titanic new release in 3D is really being pushed by promoters as a film ‘that was just made for the big screen’ (which makes me super happy I paid for that deluxe collectors edition DVD to watch in the luxury of my own home). The ‘cinema experience’ goes all to poot however, if the movie is a stinker, so we’re lucky that 2012 looks like it’s offering up some cinematic goodies for us all to enjoy. I’ve chosen five movies coming up this year that are definitely ones worth a look.

The Avengers

Lets get the big one out of the way, shall we? Everyone and their granny seems to be excited for this film and with good reason. Marvel seem to be hitting…

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