Paris Hilton freaks out over questions about her waning fame

Here are photos of Paris Hilton in Sydney, Australia (no doubt giving a new meaning to “down under”) while appearing at the launch of a new nightclub where her DJ boyfriend, Afrojack, was due to earn far too much money by spinning a few tunes. Stuff like this is basically the extent of Paris’ appearances these days, and her careerisn’t looking to make a comeback at any point. After all, she’s already made another laughworthy go at launching a musical career (with her “Drunk Text” video) after an attempt to relaunch her reality televsion career has ended in disaster (“The World According to Paris” was cancelled after one season). Last summer, Paris threw a hissy fit and stalked out of a “GMA” interview after the interviewer asked her about her waning fame and being eclipsed by Kim Kardashian and family. Now an Aussie news station is officially “on notice” from Paris’ camp as well after they dared to ask her about life after fame:

Paris Hilton has shown how anxious she is about fading into obscurity. The heiress was greatly “offended” when questioned about losing her fame and got an Australian TV crew banned from a red carpet event for daring to broach the subject.

The socialite who has always been most famous for being famous, and well, for that pesky sex tape, was being interviewed by Australia’s morning TV show, “Sunrise,” with simple questions like what her typical day is like and the show her DJ boyfriend Afrojack was putting on that night at a big club opening.

Correspondent Edwina Bartholmew also politely asked Paris, “What about when you’re not famous anymore, what are you going to do?” The 31-year-old Hilton responded by saying that she “just wants to be able to have children and have a normal life with my kids.”

Although she said it all in her typical Paris baby-tone complete with a smile, her publicist later made it clear that the heiress was not happy with being asked about losing her fame. Sunrise producers were told that if they aired the full interview they would not be allowed on the red carpet at the club opening that night.

The show didn’t take kindly to being threatened by Hilton and ran it anyway, and the clip of the segment provides a hilarious insight into the real world of Paris.

As previously reported, Paris traveled Down Under with other celebrities like Minka Kelly and Nick and Vanessa Lachey for the opening The Star casino’s new club, Marquee.

A peeved Paris peered off-screen and walked off camera, leading to what Harris called “a long, heated conversation with Hilton and her publicist” before taping of the segment resumed.

Things did not end on such friendly terms with Channel 7, the Australian network that broadcasts Sunrise. They’ve now been banned from interviewing Paris ever again.

Such a loss!

[From Radar]

You’d think Paris would be happy that people are still paying enough attention to her to even bother interviewing her on network television. I think she’s still in denial about how much her “star” has fallen, and she’s also probably hoping to reclaim her celebutante greatness after the inevitable coming demise of the Kardashian Klan. Make no mistake, the vast majority of humanity looks forward to the day when no Kardasian-oriented television shows are left on the airwaves, but no one is looking forward to this moment more than Paris Hilton. Of course, she thinks their exit will mean her return to glory, but she couldn’t be more mistaken.


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