Anger-bear Alec Baldwin proposed to his 28-year-old girlfriend, and she said yes

Alec Baldwin & Hilaria Thomas

Last Friday, I was surprised by how many people wanted to discuss Alec Baldwin and his anger management issues and his 28-year-old girlfriend (“28”), Hilaria Thomas. The Enquirer had a story about Alec and Hilaria going through a rough patch because she’s all yoga and Zen and peace and tranquility, and Alex is all “I’M GOING TO EAT YOUR FACE. And punch you in the nads.” Well, just days after that report, Alec would like us all to know that his 28-year-old (!) girlfriend is going to be his WIFE, thank you very much. Now, I love Alec on screen (I’m an unapologetic 30 Rock addict), but I’ve got to wonder if poor Hilaria knows what she’s in for:

She said yes! Alec Baldwin got engaged to Hilaria Thomas over the weekend, his rep confirms to PEOPLE.

“Yes, it’s true! Alec proposed to Hilaria this weekend and we’re all excited for the newly engaged couple,” the rep says. “Alec’s birthday is tomorrow – great way to celebrate!”

The 30 Rock star, 53, began dating Thomas, a yoga instructor, last summer.

“I’ve got a woman in my life now,” the actor said of 28-year-old Thomas. “My girlfriend is very important to me.”

Baldwin was previously married to actress Kim Basinger, with whom he has a 16-year-old daughter, Ireland.

[From People]

As for the age difference… ugh. She’s nearly half his age. Sort of. If you believe that she’s “28”. Which… sure. For argument’s sake, let’s go with that. She’s 28 and this will probably be her first marriage and his second. I’m guessing they’ll have a kid at some point. And I’m guessing that much like Alec’s first marriage, this one will end up a steaming pile of bitter, angry HOT MESS. I mean, congratulations to the happy couple! Mazel tov.

Alec Baldwin & Hilaria Thomas

Alec Baldwin & Hilaria Thomas


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