Kate Winslet: Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” makes me want to puke

This story is making me laugh so hard, because I also barely tolerate that Celine Dion song “My Heart Will Go On.” It’s one of those songs that gets stuck in your head on a loop and just seems to exist to be annoying. Sure there was something uplifting about it the first five times I heard it, which was within a day or two of its release. I try to ignore that song, but whenever I think of it the refrain is there in my brain mocking me. I always associate it with Titanic of course, as its the movie’s theme song. Images of Rose and Jack in the icy water dance through my head. (I just googled “Songs you hate” and now there are so many other candidates for annoying songs that I’m hoping they’ll cancel each other out. Google at your own risk.)

Kaiser schooled me that they’re playing that song on heavy rotation during the Titanic 3D commercials, and that’s probably a good strategy for the reasons I just explained. It reminds us of Titanic, even those of us who hate the song. Well Titanic star Kate Winslet also hates that song, so much so that she says it makes her want to puke. I can see that. I don’t even think she’s disrespecting her work, since I share that opinion. Here’s more:

Kate Winslet has spoken about Celine Dion’s Titanic song My Heart Will Go On, admitting that the emotional song makes her feel sick.

The 36-year-old actress added that while she attempts to control her emotions about the heart-wrenching song, she always does a ‘massive internal eye roll’.

‘I just have to sit there, you know, kind of straight-faced with a massive internal eye roll.’

She told MTV News: ‘I feel like throwing up when I hear it. No, I shouldn’t say that. No, actually, I do feel like throwing up.

‘I wish I could say, “Oh listen, everybody! It’s the Celine Dion song!” But I don’t.

While the track is much-loved by Titanic fans, it has attracted criticism in the past, with Rolling Stone even naming it one of the worst songs in the 90s in a poll.
But talking about the song, Celine said: ‘My Heart Will Go On is for me a classic. And to be part of a classic is something I feel very proud of.’

[From The Daily Mail]

I found the video of Kate giving this interview (below), and she goes on to explain that she’s basically taunted with this song wherever she goes. “Near, far…” LMAO! Here’s what she said about it:

Everytime I go into a bar where there’s a live pianist or into a restaurant … it’s thrilling for people to surprise me with the Celine Dion song. I did a talkshow in Italy recently where they had a live pianist who started gently playing the theme song, and I was severely urged to go and sing it as if I had in fact sung it myself…. ‘I’m not going to.’

It rather haunts me, the song.

She also said that “every time I get on any boat” people tell jokes about Titanic.

It sounds like she’s annoyed with the film, but she went on to say a lot of nice things about how great the movie looks in 3D and how she’s excited to share it with another audience, including her children for the first time. So she may find the soundtrack annoying, but she knows which side her bread is buttered.

Incidentally there’s video of Kate “singing” “My Heart Will Go On,” but it’s a spoof and it’s just overdubbed. I’ve never known this before, but she released a single in 2001 called “What If,” for an animated version of A Christmas Carol. Here’s a link to the video. She also sang in Heavenly Creatures and in Sense and Sensibility, and I think that’s her real voice since she sounds the same in those two movies.

Kate is show


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