Beyonce shows off her postpartum weight loss in blue Victoria Beckham: lovely?


Last night, Beyonce and Jay-Z went to a fundraiser hosted by Michelle Obama in New York. And then Bey and Jay went to Nobu. These are the photos from those outings. Before we start with all of the controversial stuff, I’d just like to say that I really, really like Beyonce’s dress. It’s Victoria Beckham! Bey in VB? Who would have thought? I can’t believe that one of Posh’s dresses looks so good on a woman with curves. And yes, Beyonce is doing all-blue as some kind of ode to Blue Ivy.

As for the controversial stuff and whether or not Beyonce is still carrying baby weight or if she ever really had “baby weight”… discuss. I think she looks pretty much the same as before. In some of the photo ops with Beyonce just after Blue Ivy was born, I thought Beyonce did look a bit “thicker”. But I’m still not positive that the slight weight gain was evidence of a postpartum body, or if Bey had simply gone without a trainer for several months. But at this point, her body looks exactly the same to me. I’m sure she’s double or triple-Spanx-ing it, for what that’s worth.

Incidentally, Page Six reported yesterday that Jay-Z was negotiating Beyonce’s next world tour, which may start this year. While I haven’t seen that confirmed, Beyonce did announce that she’s going to be doing three shows on Memorial Day weekend, in May.


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